Monday, September 23, 2013

What we've been up to...

There hasn't been much blogging lately but there's been lots going on here! I had a few photos on my phone already but othewise I just ran around the house tonight taking some shots.

I hadn't gone to my fav thrift store in over a month but on my first trip back I couldn't leave without this awesome mid-century modern chair. It is in the living room and I do envision reupholstering it someday but not yet.

 I also got this handmade rug from Greece at the same time. I LOVE it and it fits perfectly in front of the washer dryer. The color is all off in this picture. The neutral color is more of creamy white and all the colors are really pretty and vivid.

And since we're in the backhall, I'll give you a quick preview of the finished pantry. I still need to finish filling in a couple of shelves and I'd like to get some more glass containers. We've also done a bunch of other little things back here, hopefully I get all those in a post for you soon!

We need to paint and replace all the hardware on the doors and so we're starting with the bathroom door that is in the back hall and the basement door. Of course our doors had commercial grade hinges so we have to buy the prime coated gray ones and paint them flat black. 

Which will go perfectly with these matte black knobs I ordered off of Home Depot for the whole house. They actually fit differently than our old ancient pitted brass ones so we have to drill the knob hole to be a bit bigger in all doors.

We've also spent some time cleaning up the garage and basement here and there and have three new sets of shelves just waiting for some more organization.
I've also been super inspired to work in our room (you know, because I'm some super awesome artist that can't do anything until inspiration strikes!). So I moved my bed to the other wall, threw up the mirror onto a poorly placed yet existing nail, painted my nightstands that I have had for nearly two years (including spraying the hardware with ORB) and got a whole new slew of pillows to play around with.  I'm thinking we have a real headboard in our future along with some new wall sconces to replace the lamps.

And you might have noticed the blanket it on the end. That is a chenille blanket that I got from the thrift store. I couldn't leave it behind - it was just too gorgeous. 

With Halloween coming up, I'm quite determined to pull off some Lizzie and Mr. Darcy costumes for Ruby and Archer, respectively of course. I've started doing a ton of research on sewing and finding patterns for Ruby's dress. It will be something like this.

Oh and did I show you the cupcakes I made for Archer's birthday a few weeks ago?!?! Yes, I might still be quite proud of those! And those two little Ariel cupcake - since we have more of those, Ruby's party is going to be all mermaid-ed out.
 Since we've picked a theme for Ruby's birthday, I've managed to get myself quite obsessed with planning it...which isn't until December!!!!! LOL We're going all out mermaid with lots of greens and coral and I just couldn't resist this green wood fish for decor along with the green glass fish bottles. I've also gotten a handful of pretty coral and clear glass bowls and cake stands for food - everything from either the thrift store or the Restore. I'm planning on having a TON OF FUN decorating for this party and going all out theme!

 But we are all about home improvement, thrifting and party planning! We're also building spaceships, doing tea parties and doing yard work plus there's swim classses and dance class for Ruby.

Archer's on his second cold/cough in the past few weeks but he still has fun...laying on pillows in the Target cart!

Of course that isn't all we've been doing but it gives you a good idea of what life is like here!

So what have you been up to?


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Built-In Pantry in the Back Hall

Hey guys!!! I hope everyone is doing great! I've kind of fallen off blogging for a bit but we're still working away on the house projects.

I last showed you the back door that we painted which was the first in a series of things that I wanted to do get our back hall/laundry area up to snuff. (P.s. I'm thinking about using this Derbyshire color to paint something in Archer's room - I love to find more uses for paint that is already paid for!)

Once the door was done (the trim was painted), we moved onto the next project back here! Making a built in pantry inspired by this picture. So a few weeks back we did the first step which was to build a wall which only cost us twenty bucks since we already had most of the materials.

Here's the step where we actually had to purchase a couple of things...two 2x4s and some lag bolts (I think that was what they were called - Aaron's Dad told us what to get here). 

Once the "wall" was built, the drywall went up. These were leftover pieces from when we built the fridge pocket. 

So the space between the new wall on the left and the old wall on the right (which isn't an old wall at all, we bumped out the original wall to that spot when doing the fridge pocket a year ago) is going to be the built-in pantry.

The last of the quick stuff was to add the metal flashing to the corner of the drywall. Everything up until this point was done in a day. 

 After the metal flashing went up, the project moved slow as mud. The taping and spackling took forever!!! Like a week since we could only get one coat a day done because of work.

Once Aaron was done spackling the wall, the next step before building the guts of the pantry was to paint the room. My Mom visited us for a long weekend a couple of weeks ago and she helped get it done. So nice to have help especially since this small, awkward space was weird to paint since the washer and dryer had to be moved around. I used SW's Incredible White (which I've also used in the dining room but I haven't showed you yet :).

With the room painted, we moved back to the pantry. We wanted to be able to hang up some hooks on the outside of the pantry so we put some extra 2x4s in the wall so we'd have something to hang stuff into.

Then added plywood to the insides. For this we had to buy a new sheet of Purebond which was about $45 I think. We did have HD rip it for us but Aaron did spend some time getting scribed to the wall and flush on the outside. He's a good man. :)

Of course nothing can go to smoothly without issue. Aaron managed to put this big hole in the wall. Apparently a nail went in, hit something and came out at a weird angle. I guess the good news is that it was a relatively easy fix and mostly covered up by the final trim. 

The next step was to build the base which is a plywood shelf and higher quality 1x6 that we bought (we needed something with perfect edges). I think that was about $8. Arthur was Aaron's helper during this project. Notice his orange body on the shelf by Aaron's knee.

Once the bottom was solidly nailed/screwed down, we finalized where we wanted to place the shelves and Aaron started drilling holes for the shelf pegs. The are sort of movable. The aren't going to be screwed into place but if we want to move a shelf, we'll have to drill new peg holes. 

Here's a close up of the pegs. The package didn't say how much weight they can hold up but we think they'll be fine, especially since we're using solid 3/4" plywood for the shelves.

Almost there!

Here she is!! We're so in love with it and it will only grow deeper after we get it painted and can start using it! I'm planning on painting the inside and all the trim the same black that I painted our kitchen cabinets. 

This is the view from the kitchen doorway. The kids have already had fun climbing and hiding on the bottom shelf and Aaron even suggested making the bottom a cat bed (which it won't be) so it is pretty much a success for the whole family. 

We've taken off the work week from working on this other than starting to patch up the paint holes. We still need to caulk the seems and then I'll prime and paint it. Not sure how far we'll get on that this weekend since we're planning a trip to Newport on Saturday. We shall see!!

Here's a quick to do list for this room:
  • Patch up walls
  • Paint trim, window and door
  • Paint walls
  • Touch up ceiling paint, maybe do something special up there
  • Build and paint pantry
  • Add hooks for bags, put the laundry shelf back up and get this drying rack. 
  • Put up new curtains (I used this fabric to do this but I don't have any pictures yet)
  • Add some art
  • Change the flooring (this should happen same time as ktichen but I'm not sure when yet)
Thanks for checking out what we've been up to. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

♥ Crystal


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