Friday, December 30, 2011

Work Bench - Make Two Challenge

I am a big fan of Ana White so when she posted the Make Two Challenge I was all for it. I love making things out of wood and then sharing that with a child for Christmas would be awesome. We decided to make the toy work bench (using Ana's plans found here) and only ended up making one since I've got something else for Ruby.

This is one project that Aaron and I were able to build during the kids' nap time one weekend. Since Archer joined our family, it isn't often that we get to go out to the garage together and work together so it was fun and date-like. 

It was also extremely cheaped because the Home Depot totally hooked me up!!!!! I was checking out the scraps section for some good deals on already cut wood when he offered to help. I told him what I was looking for and he said "let's go look up front." Of course, I'm thinking I don't need your help to do that, thinking that he was thinking that because I'm a girl I would need help. Well turns out he took me up to the boards I needed, found some not so great ones (which was totally okay for this project but probably not others) and cut them in half for me and charged me 50¢ per half of a 8ft 1x4. Literally a quarter of the cost of a full price and full length one. Sweeeet!

We followed Ana's plans but we used 1x4s for the whole thing except the table top and the back attached to it. I like the chunkier look the 1x4s give the work bench instead of the skinnier 1x3s the plans call for. For the table top and the back parts, we used Purebond 3/4" birch plywood. We always try to use Purebond brand plywood since they are formaldehyde free and who wants formaldehyde in their home???

If only painting were as quick as building. After puttying and sanding a little, I sort of took too long to get going on the painting part of this work bench because it takes forever!!! I sure have a ton of bad excuses good reasons but anyway the actual painting did take forever. I did two coats of an Old English color stain, one coat of primer and then several coats of Mystic Forest paint (it's more green than the picture shows and was an oops paint...unfortunately it was my oops). I think the stain and paint do look great together though. I finished this up with a satin poly spray and a couple of brass hooks to hang some tools.

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the process and should have staged the picture a bit more but I guess I'm just too lazy to do that right now.

So I tried to give it away but found it is difficult to give away homemade gifts. Kind of surprising I guess. Next time I'm going to have to a specific kid in mind or plan in advance. For now, Ruby will enjoy it in the garage (if we ever get healthy and back outside to play again).

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