Thursday, March 29, 2012

White Walls Gone

So when we finished the chalkboard wall, we kind of put the dining room on hold while we finished our desk (The final pictures to come soon but here's where we left off. We're just trying to move into the desk and get our bedroom organized.)

It's been a bit weird having finished the bulk of the work with the desk (although getting it organized and the walls above it filled with frames/shelves is going to be a bit of work as well) and not having anything major to work on. I've actually been taking it a bit easy this week which has been a little nice but now I'm starting to get antsy. A couple things on my mind have been my March Monthly Maintenance Lineup which I posted about here and the unfinished state of the dining room which we left off here (check out the tan and white walls). I haven't actually re-read my Lineup post yet, just keeping things in mind and working them into the schedule before the month is over in a few days. Hopefully I get it all done (fingers crossed!)!

April is also a big month for us for family visits. My Mom is coming to visit for one week and Aaron's Mom and Sister are coming to visit for another and my Dad has even mentioned being on the East Coast for a weekend so it is A LOT of extra incentive to wrap up some projects. Especially those that are very visible.

Painting the lower half of the dining room walls (which were still white since we removed the chair rail separating the white portion of the wall from the Behr Ultra Baja colored top portion) seemed like the next logical house project.

Here's how it looked when we finished the chalkboard wall.

Here it is with a fresh coat on the bottom.

Even after we did I was still wondering if we'd regret that we took down the chair rail (especially since we could have done a way better sanding job) but we don't! Even if we did miss the chair rail, I forgot all about that as soon as the half-wall paint job that we've been looking at for a month or so since we took down the chair rail here was gone. It is sooo nice to have nice freshly painted walls without white patches on the lower half.

And in case you want to see a close-up of my very talented Easter drawing on the chalkboard...

Now I have to keep up the momentum (there isn't much right now) until my Mom gets here next week and we spend some time working on the front of our porch. We've got lots of things planned including, painting, planting and whatever other p-word I can think of out there. More on that soon too!

So anyone else out there in a lull while you wait for your next big project to start? I have to admit my favorite projects are the ones where Aaron and I work together. So much better. At least he'll have a semblance of a break while my Mom is here to go-go-go with me.


  1. I'm not so much in a lull....but in a procrastination period. I have tons of things to share.....I just don't know where to begin!
    I like your chalkboard wall!

  2. I love your chalkboard wall! We usually have busy weekends and we don't get as much stuff done as I'd like but now that the weather is getting nicer we've started working on projects out on the patio on weekday evenings.


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