Sunday, October 21, 2012

A New Era in the Entryway

The day after I wrote this post (where I said that the entryway was on my agenda), I spent $20 on chairs at the Restore. After about a second of looking at one of the chairs (the one that cost me $10), I knew exactly where it would go in our house. The entryway!

I love the bamboo lines and even though it is old, it is in great condition. The best part is that she goes perfectly with the direction that I'm going with the room. I'm thinking vintage glamour with a lot of black, gold and white.

She's got awesome legs and the rush seat is nice and tight. 

While I really dig furniture in its natural, worn and loved state (like this dresser/tv stand and these kids chairs), I knew I wanted to paint this chair. So I got her all wiped down and sprayed her with primer. 

Then came a coat of black semi-gloss spray paint on everything but the seat. For the seat I picked up some gold metallic spray paint.  Here she is, in all her black and gold glory.

Her new home is in the corner of the entryway just under where the keys are currently hanging. It fits perfectly and will be a great place to put shoes on since we'll probably replace our bench with a new-to-me dresser or buffet that I can refinish.

It will also be a perch for the kitties, especially since they get a nice view of the great outdoors whenever the front door is open. 

Oh and remember that I mentioned getting three chairs from the Restore that day? These are the other two.

So this begins a new era in the entryway. Here's what I hope to accomplish in this room and I can already check one off:
  • Paint and stencil the walls
  • Paint the doors and trim
  • Find and paint a chair for the corner
  • Find and paint a dresser to replace the bench
  • Get an electrician to install an outlet (there are none currently) for a lamp
  • Get some art up on the walls and some accessories
  • Replace our mail organizer (which is NOT organized) with a mail bucket on the dresser
  • Find a new light fixture for the room 

Is it weird that I think it is fun to come up with a new list of to dos? Anyone else working on your entryway? Or are you focused on another room? I have to admit that it is sort of fun to do this room since it is small and shouldn't require as much cash as other rooms (i.e. the dining room which really needs a new table).

P.s. I didn't freeze and I ordered a stencil for the entryway!!!!


  1. I love paint color the chair

  2. I love it! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

    1. Aww thanks! (And thanks for stopping by!)

  3. I love your cat by the way - SO CUTE!

  4. What a great find! I love the black and gold and can't wait to see the stencil you chose!

    1. I'm just waiting for it to arrive! Hopefully I can keep my butt in gear and get the walls painted so I can use the stencil!

  5. very nice job!

  6. I LOVE the chair Crystal. Classic style and you can't go wrong with black and gold! Have you ever noticed that Arthur manages to get in at least 50% of your pictures. I think he's definitely a fame kitty. LOL.

    1. I know, I'm really excited about this room. As soon as I sat the chair down he was all on it! I did make him move though so I could get a shot. Can't wait to see what I've got done before you come to visit!

  7. Just to tell you, that chair looks fabulous!

  8. Ooooo love it! Love that you did the seat gold! So snazzy. : )

    Sammy ~ Renew Redo

  9. I'm not a black & gold type person, but I can see where you're going with this project, and I must admit the chair has really scrubbed up! It looks great. Hx :)

    1. haha thanks for sticking with me though!

      :) Crystal


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